STUDIO ROTA PORTA deals with Labour Consultancy without exceptions in terms of economic sectors and company size: in fact, having developed a broad range of skills in the various areas of labour law, even under strictly operational profiles, the Studio’s team  is able to 360° coverage of the needs of SMEs, providing payroll services and management of employment relationships at any stage, as for the applicable statutory law, but also to ensure a point of reference for the HR department of multinational companies or groups of companies, also in synergy with important legal realities.

Labour consulting, meant as being the ability to manage complex negotiations or obligations, is recognized by the client as an added value and as a cost saving for the company, which would otherwise be required to devote time and resources on matters unrelated to its own business.

Similarly, the Studio has consolidated relations with the central management of entities and public-administration bodies such as to guarantee the client being able to count on direct support when adhering to administrative practices, even in coordination with the Software House and the Payroll Centre.

These are some case histories that enable people to comprehend the Studio’s skills: HR support to a  large-scale, organised distribution group with about 10,000 employees; advisory services in the field of administrative procedures related to the collective dismissal of about 3,000 employees; management of extra-EU expatriates; labour-related due diligence of companies with over 1,000 employees.

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