Thanks to the know-how and long term strong experience, STUDIO ROTA PORTA can boast its professional expertise and specialization in the following areas of work:

Advice to companies and institutions, in particular to HR departments, both on an ongoing basis and in relation to specific problems. In particular, the firm’s expertise can help deal with complex issues and situations, providing 360°-support on labour matters.
  • Personnel administration.
  • Consulting on matters concerning facilitated recruitment.
  • Assistance in the certification of contracts.
  • Assistance with regard to social security and insurance institutions in the field of contribution and benefits.
  • Management of all legal formalities relating to labour issues.
  • Management of procedures for layoffs and redundancies.
  • Assistance with inspection access by supervisory bodies.
  • Preparation of court appeals against measures brought by social security and insurance bodies.

In these dynamics the Studio also boast experience of national bargaining tables, as happened at the renewal of the “Contratto Collettivo Nazionale degli Studi Professionali” (2015).
  • Management of the administrative steps required to resort to Wage Integrations (Cigo, CIGS, Cigd, Cds).
  • Management of collective redundancy procedures.
  • Assistance in trade-union procedures and at the different stages of consultation, including at regional and/or ministerial level.
  • Management of the administrative steps and assistance in trade-union procedures during business transfers (rental, sale, etc.) and procurement.
  • Management of employees during insolvency procedures and aspects related to relations with trade unions.
  • Management of company collective bargaining.

Specialist support regarding company collective bargaining, including by the provision of welfare plans or staff incentives and of programs intended to deal with states of crises.
  • Assistance in managing relationships with trade unions, both within and outside the company, for problems concerning labour relations and for the drafting of supplementary company contracts and productivity contracts.
  • Management of industrial relations in connection with corporate transactions.

Consultancy in the conciliation and litigation phases entrusted to highly experienced professionals.
  • Assistance in labour disputes and in the process of trade-union conciliation.

Provision of training opportunities modulated according to the clients’ needs.
  • Furnishing training opportunities tailored to the needs of companies.

Matching demand and supply of labour, in collaboration with the Fondazione Consulenti per il Lavoro, in order to ensure rapid and effective support.
  • Search and selection of staff.
  • Support for relocation.

(*) The activity is carried out exclusively by the Labour Consultant Dott. Alessandro Rota Porta, delegated by the Foundation of Labour Consultants, delegate number AT00335FL